Don Beene


About Don Beene

There is a Rage within me that beats against my chest with a rhythm that is deafening;

Before Silence engulfs my soul I must find

the music that entices my dreams.

My Master calls me to embrace the greatness

that God has seeded within me;

For the sounds of Light beckon me to

discover the music of my Vision.

- D.B.

In Gratitude to My Teachers:
Every artist owes a debt of gratitude to those who have inspired and encouraged him to seek and nurture that kernel of genius within that spurs him to create a physical representation of the vision of beauty that makes him an artist. Each of us stands on the shoulders of giants who forged the path that we follow. If we are fortunate, we find a mentor who sets our feet on the path and then cajoles, encourages and, if necessary, prods us to stay the course as we stumble along the way. I've the good fortune to have such a friend and mentor in William Arthur Herring. Thanks Bill.


Why I am:

I was born and raised in Texas and that fact has influenced my view of the world. My vision was shaped by the characters who moved across the stages of my life in small town cafes, livestock sale barns, baling hay in fields that stretched beyond the horizon, sweating as they shod horses or laughing at a boy struggling to flank a calf for branding. The values, customs and love of nature that comes from living close to the land and from being of those who make their living on the land shape my art. Horses, cattle and the men and women who depend on them for their livelihood are the subjects in many of my paintings. However, I do not think of myself as being a "western" artist. I paint what I know and what I know influences whatever I'm painting. The music of the vision is what matters regardless of the subject.



The Art Junction,
500 W. Paisano Drive, Studio #12,
El Paso, Texas 79901,
telephone #: (915) 269-5196

El Paso Artist Don Beene at work in his studio